The tulip tree

No, we have not got the wrong title, in fact we will not talk about the classic bulbs but abouttulip tree. In adulthood, thetulip treeit is so majestic that it exceeds 40 meters in height. In autumn, its leaves turn from red to yellow. It has American origins and offers shaped scented flowerstulips.

The flowers are formed by 9 petals 6-7 cm long. They appear on the tree after its sixth year of life. L'tulip treeblooms between late spring and early summer, the flowers are very similar totulipsthis is why the common name of this plant species is "tulip tree“. 

The color of the flowers is a pale green flecked with orange and surrounded by golden yellow stamens. To admire the flowers you need to have a keen sense of observation: the leaves of thetulip treethey are very showy, they are caducous and characterized by four lobes and are long and wide ranging from 10 to 20 cm.

L'tulip treeit does not need any care, it grows well in areas with cool summers. It only needs irrigation in case of drought: thetulip treeit is extremely resistant to frosts and low temperatures but on the contrary, it suffers from the heat.

If you intend to cultivate atulip tree, you must have a large garden available: the tree can reach 300-400 years of age and has a rapid growth, it must be cultivated at a safe distance from home to prevent the roots from damaging flooring, foundations, pipes or other underground systems .

Those who live in the province of Lecco know this plant variety well. Atulip treemore than 52 meters high from the age of 160, it can be seen in the garden of Villa Besana, in Sirtori.

L'tulip treebelongs to the Magnoliaceae family, its vulgar name is Liriodendro. It is the species Liriodendron tulipifera.

Video: 10 Tulip tree (December 2021).