Pumpkin jam with citrus fruits

Even in cold periods the garden can give great satisfaction, this time the protagonist is the pumpkin which lends itself to the preparation of unusual but very tasty jams that will certainly amaze your guests. There pumpkin jam it is perfect to combine with courses of cheese and boiled meat, it brings a touch of originality to the table and its preparation is decidedly economical. Here are the ingredients for prepare the pumpkin jam with citrus fruits:
1 kg of pumpkin pulp.
800 g of sugar.
2 organic lemons.
2 organic oranges.
1 sachet of 40 g petctina
1/2 glass of water.
1 tablespoon of cinnamon.

Procedure for preparing the pumpkin jam with citrus fruits:
Cut the pumpkin pulp into small pieces and place in a very large steel pot. Add the water and cook over medium heat until pumpkin it will be soft enough to be reduced to a puree with the help of a blender. Let the pumpkin puree cool and add the sugar and pectin. Resume cooking over medium heat and remember to stir the mixture often so it doesn't stick. Meanwhile, peel a lemon and an orange and cut the rinds into thin strips, add them to the jam.

Also add the juice of all four citrus fruits to the mixture, two of which will be free of zest. Also add the cinnamon and stir until cooked. The jam will be ready when dropping a drop on an inclined plate, it will be thick enough not to flow away. When the pumpkin jam is still hot, pour it into glass jars and seal them tightly. There Pumpkin Jam it can also be suitable for breakfast, with rusks or to garnish pies and vanilla mousse. For those who do not like citrus fruits, they could replace them with 10 amaretti and the juice with a glass of amaretto liqueur. Macaroons should be chopped and added instead of citrus peel.

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