Solar powered shutters

The solar powered shuttersthey are just the umpteenth strategy implemented by man to integrate small photovoltaic systems into domestic architecture. After the photovoltaic tiles, the walkable solar tiles and the windows that produce energy come thesolar powered shutters.

Thesolar powered shuttersthey are blackout systems that combine the possibility of producing photovoltaic energy with perfect thermal insulation. We know how much heat loss affects our bills: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems account for up to 80 percent of energy costs. Proper thermal insulation is crucial for an energy-efficient building as is the ability to self-produce clean energy.

On the market there are shutters orsolar powered shutterssuitable for all types of fixtures. To mention some products we point out the name of someindoor roller shutters(for doors and windows) that use photovoltaic technology: the Vis-Flex company offers the line of photovoltaic shuttersID Solar as well as Isotra Energy offers severalsolar powered shutters.

Thephotovoltaic shuttersthey could be particularly useful for those who live in an attic apartment. An attic of energy class A should have a thermally insulated ceiling, double glazed windows andphotovoltaic shuttersblackout. In this context, the market offerssolar powered shuttersthat go perfectly with the pitched windows.

Thesesolar powered shuttersthey are automatic winding (just press a button) and their electrical operation is self-satisfied thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system. Thesolar powered shuttersthey integrate a small photovoltaic panel that powers the internal motor.

Among the models ofsolar powered roller shutterpresent on the market, we point out the Velux range which, like the Fakro models, are able to guarantee effective protection from UV rays and heat, as well as sound insulation and excellent darkening, these shutters also work as a good deterrent against intrusions.

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