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Strawberry recipes, easy to prepare

Strawberries, a very versatile fruit in gastronomy, are the favorite ingredient of many for seasonal recipes. There are those who like them in a simple way, those who like them in fruit salads, smoothies, desserts. In the previous article we suggested the recipe for strawberry tiramisu, a fresh dessert made with delicious layers of biscuits, mascarpone cream and strawberries; now we will offer you other strawberry recipes, with the use of strawberries as the main ingredient.
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Furnishing a kitchen, practical advice

Our home furnishings section continues, focusing once again on the most lived-in domestic space of all: the kitchen! Furnishing a kitchen is by no means an easy task, there are many factors at stake: aesthetics, personal taste, functionality, practicality and ease of cleaning.
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How to grow the centenary squash

The centenary squash belongs to the botanical family of Cucurbitaceae and is also known in Italy as thorny squash, Mexican squash or zucchetta or chayote. The centenary pumpkin is an unusual vegetable to grow but due to its flavor and the shape of its fruits, it is gradually spreading in family gardens.
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Photovoltaic tiles save the landscape

Photovoltaic tiles and photovoltaic tiles are a good response to the need to balance the aesthetics of the building - sometimes even the landscape element if you are in particular contexts - with the energy production of the photovoltaic system that exploits the natural heat of the building. Since there are areas where solar panels are even forbidden - such as some historic centers - photovoltaic tiles and photovoltaic tiles could widen the scope of solar technology (it is easier to obtain authorization for installation) and give an additional contribution to the reduction of national energy expenditure.
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Organic food

Properties of aromatic plants

Aromatic plant properties: the aromatic herbs that are commonly used in the kitchen are not only "good to season" and tasty for the palate, the properties of aromatic plants can be exploited as a real panacea for health! Aromatic plant properties, sage has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
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Electric columns in Italy

The number of electricity stations in Italy is growing day by day. Europe has finally expressed itself to have unique standards in terms of "connectors for electric cars", in order to favor a wider spread of zero-emission cars. Electric columns for ultra-fast recharging (for which an average of 30 minutes to go from 0 to 80 autonomy), they can count on direct current with two types of connector, while on the front of the public electricity columns, you will opt for powers not lower than 11 kW, this means that to fill up will be necessary from 60 to 120 minutes.
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